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Tips to Prevent Voice Disorders

Voice disorders may occur due to various reasons, such as upper respiratory infections, vocal misuse, vocal nodules, laryngeal cancer and neuromuscular diseases. If one is suffering from voice problems, he or she should consider consulting with an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor, who will be able to diagnose the problem, and treat the underlying cause.

Voice problems can have severe psychological and physical ramifications, which is why it is important for one to take preventive measures, to reduce the chances of them developing.

Below are some tips for the prevention of voice disorders:

  • Limit intake of alcohol or caffeine: These substances act as diuretics, which cause the body to lose water. According to ENT doctors, this loss of fluids may sometimes dry out the throat, increasing the risk of developing a voice disorder.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: It is recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water per day, to prevent dehydration that could lead to voice problems.
  • Avoid smoking: this includes inhaling second party smoke as well. Cancer of the vocal folds can result in severe voice problem and are more common in smokers.
  • Avoid using mouthwash or gargles that contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals, as they may irritate the throat, leading to voice disorders.
  • Follow good breathing techniques: When one is speaking or singing, it is important to take deep breaths from the diaphragm, at regular intervals. This form of breath control helps reduce the strain on one’s voice, and lessens voice problems.
  • Avoid consuming excessively spicy foods: Such foods may cause stomach acid to travel into the throat or oesophagus (reflux), causing different voice disorders.
  • Use a humidifier: Most ENT doctors would advise at least thirty percent humidity for home or office environments.
  • Avoid cradling the telephone: If done for extended periods of time, this may result in muscle tension in the neck area, and severe voice problems.

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