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What is Sino-Facial Pain?

August 14, 2012 - admin


Sino facial pain is hardly an everyday phrase. Few people have heard of it or know what it means. However, for the people who experience it, it is certainly no laughing matter. This sort of pain can be caused by a number of different disorders, and it can be notoriously difficult to treat. This article will discuss what Sino facial pain is, what some of its causes are, and how ENT doctors can help to treat it.

The word “sino” is closely related to the word sinus. As such, Sino facial pain is facial pain that has to do with the sinuses. This pain can be experienced in a number of different places on the face, including between or behind the eyes, around the upper jaw and cheeks, and around the forehead. This pain can range from relatively mild to excruciatingly painful.

This pain can be caused by a number of different issues, including sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal neoplasm, and rhinitis. Frequently, a doctor who hasn’t been trained as an ENT specialist will struggle with correctly diagnosing and treating Sino facial pain. He may simply prescribe pain medication.

However, for people with Sino facial pain, taking Tylenol and hoping that the problem will resolve itself won’t work. These people need examination and treatment by trained ENT doctors. Ear nose and throat doctors are specially trained to deal with issues like this, and their level of expertise shows in their results.

Because ENT doctors are much more familiar with the upper respiratory system than general practitioners, they often have a much easier time finding the root cause of a patient’s pain. Their higher level of specific training also helps them to choose the best treatment possible for the patient. ENT doctors know what sorts of surgery and medication are necessary to cure each individual case of Sino facial pain. A properly trained ear nose and throat doctor is in a unique position to treat his patients effectively and efficiently, without unnecessary operations or drugs.

If you experience Sino facial pain, the best thing you can do is visit an ENT specialist. This ear nose and throat doctor will give you a thorough examination and will help you to find out the causes of your pain. Then, he will guide you through the treatment and recovery processes. In the end, you will be able to enjoy a pain-free life again.


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