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What Does It Mean When You Hear Noises in the Ears?

August 15, 2012 - admin

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Sometimes a medical condition occurs that causes patients to hear noises in the ears. This condition is referred to as tinnitus. In many cases, the noise is minimal, and the sound is often covered over by other noises occurring in the environmental conditions around the person. When this occurs, the symptoms appear to be intermittent and not quite as serious as they seem for someone who is constantly plagued with noises in the ear.

Tinnitus refers only to noises in the ears and does not include cases in which the patients are hearing voices. No true similarity exists between these two conditions. In London, the treatment of tinnitus is handled by an ENT doctor or specialist.

Noises in the ears can vary with a range of pitches spanning low to high frequencies. This problem may occur constantly or it may occur intermittently. Each of these factors affects the ability of the patient to tolerate the condition. Seeking treatment with a qualified London ENT specialist is recommended in order to determine the seriousness of the condition and to ameliorate symptoms.

Occasionally, a patient may experience ringing in only one of the ears. This type of case may require additional testing by an ENT specialist to determine the root cause. In rare cases, this type of ringing in the ears may be caused by a tumor located on or near the auditory nerve.

What Should You Do If You Hear Noises in the Ears?

People who experience this type of condition should consult with an ENT specialist, who is properly trained to treat such a problem. The ENT specialist will examine the patient and perform testing to look for possible causes of the noises in the ears. Testing typically includes a hearing test and blood work. In some cases, the ENT doctor may also require scans. Multiple testing sessions may be necessary when the cause is not readily discovered.

What Kind of Treatment Exists for Patients Who Have Noises in the Ears?

In London, ENT doctors commonly conduct an array of testing to determine the best course of action for treatment. In severe cases, such as the existence of a tumor, the ENT doctor may perform surgery. In less severe cases, the patient may be fitted with a white noise generator or a hearing aid to manage the symptoms. In mild cases of noises in the ears, the patient may opt to deal with the condition without seeking further treatment.

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