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Cosmetic & Facial Plastics

What is cosmetic and facial plastics?

Facial plastics (also known as plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery), is a form of surgery designed to diagnose and treat facial skin lesions but also to improve the look of the skin or other features. Facial plastics range from minor procedures, such as mole removal, through to major reconstructions such as rhinoplasty.

What cosmetic and facial plastics procedures are available?

The experienced team at ENT London can offer a wide range of facial plastics surgery to correct genetic problems, such as bat ears, and provide relief from skin lesions such as moles and other lumps and bumps.

The ENT London accredited specialists are experienced in all aspects of facial plastic surgery. The most common facial plastics procedures undertaken by our expert London team include:

  • Rhinoplasty – involving the reshaping and remodelling of the nose
  • Pinnaplasty – involving the reshaping and repositioning of protruding ears (bat ears)
  • These treatments are usually performed as a day case or a single night stay at our London clinic.

Soft tissue facial plastics – involving the removal of moles or other blemishes on the face or neck
These are usually performed under a local anaesthetic in a dedicated theatre facility at our London clinic.

Who can benefit from cosmetic and facial plastics?

Anyone who wants to improve their appearance may benefit from facial plastics. Treatments such as Pinnaplasty, bat ears, can be very important in raising the self esteem of children who are being bullied about the way they look.

Patients who are suffering skin lesions as a result of other medical conditions may find relief by considering facial plastics.

To discuss your specific requirements further, please contact our team on 0207 580 6970 who will be more than happy to assist you.