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Head and neck surgery

What is head and neck surgery?

Head and neck surgery is a major part of our work at ENT London, and includes any surgery involving the mouth, throat and neck. Our expert team has vast experience in this field with many thousands of successful operations between them.

Head and neck surgery may be undertaken to deal with symptoms such as sore throats, a feeling of a constriction in the throat or swallowing difficulties. It is also an important diagnostic and treatment tool for patients who discover lumps and swellings in the neck.

What head and neck surgery procedures are performed at ENT London?

The head and neck surgery team at ENT London offer a wide range of procedures, including:

  • Diagnostic procedures such as laryngoscopy and pharyngo-oesophagoscopy
  • Biopsies of neck masses including fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Diagnosis and management of Head and Neck cancer
  • Parotidectomies and excision of submandibular gland, branchial cysts and thyroglossal cysts.

Diagnostic procedures

ENT London offers both laryngoscopy and pharyngo-oesophagoscopy procedures to view the airway, voice box and gullet for diagnostic purposes. This may be done under local anaesthetic in our consulting rooms, or general anaesthetic, requiring a short stay in hospital.

Biopsies of neck masses

Our head and neck surgery team can investigate lumps in the mouth, throat or neck using the latest biopsy techniques. Once again this may be performed as a minor procedure under local anaesthetic or may require a general anaesthetic.

Fine needle aspiration cytology is invariably an outpatient procedure, which involves no more than a needle prick. The extracted tissue is sent for cytology and is often enough to provide a diagnosis without the need for more extensive intervention.

Head & Neck Cancer

ENT London has the expertise to assess and diagnose patients with cancer, which could be of a benign or malignant nature.

Our head and neck surgery team can deal with benign lesions in house, however malignant lesions will require a multidisciplinary team approach and we would refer you to an appropriate facility. However, the ENT London specialists would remain part of this team in the management of your cancer.

Other head and neck surgery procedures

Tonsillectomy is a very common procedure for certain types of infective sore throats, but occasionally also for breathing problems (snoring and apnoea-see snoring)
Parotidectomy and submandibular gland excisions are procedures for the removal of masses in these salivary glands, or for stones blocking the flow of salvia.
Branchial and thyroglossal cyst excisions are procedures to remove and confirm the diagnosis of congenital remnants that present as neck masses.

To discuss your specific head and neck surgery requirements, please contact our team on 0207 580 6970 who will be more than happy to assist you.