Besides the more common ear disorders, with which most ENT specialists would be familiar ENT London based consultants offer management of complex middle ear surgery e.g. Mastoidectomies, tympanoplasty and stapes surgery. The combined expertise of our specialists would be:

    • Over 1500 major middle ear operations completed
    • Several thousands insertions of grommets/middle ear ventilation tubes

Mastoidectomy: this is a procedure to clear a destructive bone disease from the middle ear and mastoid area to prevent disease progression and attempt to preserve hearing

Stapes surgery: an operation to replace the stapes bone in the middle ear, which has become fixed, with a plastic or metal alternative.

Tympanoplasty: there are a variety of these operations designed to either improve hearing or reduce/abolition recurrent ear discharge and infection.

Grommet insertion: in this procedure a plastic ventilating tube is placed astride a slit in the eardrum, most commonly for a condition of children called glue ear, to improve their hearing.

Earache: we have a focus of expertise on causes of earache, which interestingly, is a symptom that is not always related to disorders of the ear, and therefore requires particular attention to make the appropriate diagnosis.

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